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Octofuzzy Vintage Fuzz
Price: USD$139.99

The "Octofuzzy" is a nasty fuzz/octave from the 60's that allows you to get tones from a distinctive fuzzy sound up to a totally messy ring modulator. This TycobraheTM inspired box will remind you good old Jimmy solos with a subtle octave up and tons of harmonics. You'd be surprise how dirt it could be!  This unit is totally user friendly, you'll easily get this rocking sound you're searching for. The upper octave can be turned off at a flip of a switch, so you can use the pedal as a regular guitar fuzz with more variations.


Beware of the "Octofuzzy"!

***Trademarks mentionned in description are property of their owners, and are not affiliate with Jonny Rock Gear in any way.



  • True bypass design

  • Powder coated die cast aluminum enclosure w/silk screened graphic

  • DC output w/negative center compatible w/std 9V AC adaptor

  • 5mm white water clear LED indicator

  • Huge gain (goes to 11)

  • Ring modulator effect when chords played on default mode (octave on) at high level gain.




  • Volume, Fuzz (gain)

  • Transformer-generated octave, on by default (octave off switch)

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