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Welcome abord!

Jonny Rock Gear is a small effect pedals workshop based in Montreal, Canada.

As musiciens, our first goal is to please guitarists from everywhere with great sounds and different guitar tones with unique character. Originality is our target, and we constantly try to be different. We're very passionated people, and always look for perfection in any ways.

The "Echorus" is a s basically a very short echo on which is applied an optical modulation thatcreates a warm and organic chorus effect. It can also be used as a doubler/expander.  USD$149.99


Cranking two JFET Driver in a row and calm it down a bit with a Master Volume, that's what "The Rewolver" is all about. Choose from "Clean Boost to Hard Clipping Distortion. USD$119.99

The "Jojo Cake" is a creamy disto/fuzz with a lot of sustain and a very wide range of tone. The icing and sugar controls have been designed to please your taste for sweet sounds. USD$159.99


The "Pop Corner" is a very unique sounding overdrive pedal. Reach an old school rock'n'roll fuzzy crunch or a modern rock squashed drive with it. Plus, it cleans perfectly with your guitar volume knob. USD$139.99



"The OctoFuzzy". Vintage Fuzz pedal, with upper octave (on/off) generated by a tranformer and crystal tube radio germanium diodes.USD$139.99

Add a complete FX chain to your signal path in a single switching with "Ze Mixette" true bypass FX loop. USD$69.99

The "Moby Depth" is a spring reverb with some unconventionnal features like: Tone Control, Switchable Feedback Generator, a Blend knob, an Insert w/Send-Return. Get a tone from real spring sound to out of space noise.  USD$219.99


Hit your tube amp with that little bomb. The "Dyna Boost" gives you up to 12dB. Crank it up to 75% to drive a bit or apply it gently to get rid of those extra low mids you don't need. USD$99.99

The "Dude Screamer" is your battle horse guitar overdrive. Our favorite selection of boutique mods on a bullet proof circuit, that's what it is all about. Make it scream in any situation, that Dude will get the job done. USD$174.99

With its medium-fi circuit, "The Pink Pit" lets you create psychedelic ambiences and make a wall of noise by controlling its self oscillation. USD$129.99

"Dino Range" compressor. Your "Set-and-Forget" compressor. Completely quiet and tranparent. It adds nice sustain. No "pumping" effect, except if you want to! USD$169.99


"The Clowntaur" OD/Booster. Set the GAIN very low and turn up the OUTPUT to boost your signal, or set the OUTPUT at 9 O'Clock and make your signal be driven by the GAIN knob. Both get you a stunning sound! USD$189.99

Optical Tap Tempo Tremolo. You can choose from the eight wave forms, or just "FLIP" them to create your own shape. The "Wave Rider" audio path is fully analog, and is controlled digitally without any ADA conversion. It's all about pristine sound. Go ride it!


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