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Wave Rider

Tap Tempo Temolo, optical tremolo
tap tempo tremolo, optical tremolo
tap tempo tremolo, optical tremolo


The Wave Rider is an astonish sounding optical tremolo with a tap tempo at your feet. Its very intuitive controls allow you to get the sound you've been waiting for in few seconds.


With the eight different  wave shapes (including the random shape) and the "Flip" control, which can distort the shapes (except the ramdom shape), you can create your own sound signature.


The "Depth" control is acting like a blend fonction, mixing the amount of tremolo effect you need through your dry signal.


The tempo LED indicator can be seen even when the device is not engage. This way, you can tap the right tempo before to fire it up, and be sure to be on time.


The "Multi" knob allows you to choose between the six tempo multiplier. You can choose Half-note(2), Quarter(1), Quarter triplets(3/2), Eight(1/2), Eight triplets(1/3), and Sixteenth(1/4).

Price: USD$229.99



  • True bypass design

  • Powder coated die cast aluminum enclosure w/silk screened graphic

  • DC output w/negative center compatible w/std 9V AC adaptor

  • 5mm white water clear LED indicator

  • 5mm ultra violet LED tempo indicator (Even when not engaged)

  • Eight different wave forms (Random, Lumps, Sweep, Sine,           Triangle, Square, Ramp Down, Ramp Up.)

  • Tap Tempo (Soft Touch Switch) and/or Speed knob

  • Tempo Multiplier, half note to sixteenth




  • Size (Overall volume of the effect), Multi (Tempo multiplier), Speed (Time), Flip (Wave distort), Wave (Choose yours), Depth (Blend)

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